Menu & Prices

Cupcake Prices

1 dozen regular size cupcakes - $30 (up to two flavors)
2 dozen min size cupcakes - $30 (up to two flavors)

Cake Prices

6 inch cake - $20 - 8-10 servings
8 inch cake - $30 -12-15 servings
*Choose any cupcake flavor to make your cake!


Simply Vanilla - vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream

Vanilla Chocolate - vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream

Chocolate Vanilla - chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream

Chocolate Chocolate - chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream
Chocolate Dulce - chocolate cake with dulce de leche buttercream

Key Lime - key lime cupcake with graham crust and key lime buttercream

Sundae - vanilla cake atop wafer cone crust, vanilla buttercream, drizzle of chocolate ganache and cherry on top

Red Velvet - with cream cheese frosting 

Pumpkin Spice - with cream cheese frosting

Oreo - chocolate cake atop oreo crust, topped with orea buttercream and garnished with a piece of oreo cookie

Chai tea -  chai tea infused cupcakes with cream cheese frostng garnished with ginger sugar

Guava n queso - guava cake wit&h guava and cream cheese frosting

Strawberry - vanilla or chocolate cake with fresh strawberry buttercream

Caramel Crunch - vanilla cake with caramel buttercream topped with heath bits and drizzled with caramel

Chocolate Ganache - vanilla cake covered in smooth chocolate ganache, no buttercream

Mocha - chocolate cake with coffe buttercream garnished with chocolate covered espresso bean

Oreo Key Lime - key lime cupcake atop oreo crust and key lime frosting

Peanut Butter Cup - chocolate cake with natural peanut butter buttercream

Pink Lemonade - lemon flavored cake with pink raspberry buttercream

Blackberry Lemonade - vanilla cake with a blackberry center, topped with lemon flavored cream cheese frosting, garnished with a blackberry.

Chocolate High Hat - chocolate cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream dipped in chocolate ganche

PB&J - Peanut butter and jelly cupcake topped with peanut butter and jelly buttercream

Spiced Apple Caramel - spiced apple cake topped with caramel butter cream drizzled with caramel and garnished with a green apple piece.

Banana Pecan - banana cake topped with cinnamon butter cream garnished with candied pecans.

Coconut - coconut cupcake topped with coconut flavored buttercream garnished with toasted coconut


1 dozen - $39 (same flavor, standard size)

Bollywood - Indian dessert inspired - vanilla cake filled with carrot halwa, topped with carrot butter cream topped with some extra carrot halwa (if you like carrot cake you'll love this one!).
Baklava -Greek Inspired - white cake made with rose water, filled with baklava filling, topped with rose water butter cream, baklava filling and shredded phyllo dough. (the filling consists of pistachios,honey, and other spices).

BBB:BANANA,BACON,BERRY - banana cupcake topped with berry butter cream, real bacon bits, and drizzled with homemade caramel. (specially made for fathers day and co-created by my daughter Juliet).

CHUCKS  - roasted banana chocolate cupcake on top of oreo crust, filled with caramel topped with coffee butter cream, garnished with oreo crumbs and banana chip.

*Sometimes I take these all these flavors and combine them to make some CrAzY cupcakes. Keep posted and you might find one of these on the blog.

*Italian Butter Cream used aside of cream cheese frosting.

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