January 8, 2010

Juliet's Bakesale

So, I received a call a little while ago from Juliet's and Louie's school. Now the thing is every Thursday the school has a bakesale to make some money for each class, so every week a different class has a bakesale. What I've been doing is, when I can, I've been donating my cupcakes so the kids and the parents can try them out. Yesterday I donated the Valentine cupcakes I've posted below. So someone from the office calls me to tell me that the teachers ended up buying all the cupcakes for themselves...THEY LOVED IT! and they called me to tell me about it and to inquire for future orders! I'm so excited it just makes me want to bake MORE CUPCAKES!!! I'll contiune to donate the cupcakes for the class bakesale. :o)

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